Dr Gill Millman has been my dentist for three years. As a typical middle aged Northern Irishman, my trips to the dentist had been incredibly infrequent from about the age of eighteen and, as a result, my teeth were in an appalling state. I was also, frankly, terrified of the prospect. Gill has transformed my teeth and, just as importantly, my attitude to the whole process. My teeth and gums have never been healthier and thanks to her energy, enthusiasm and humour, a trip to the dentist now feels like seeing a friend. Painless

James Nesbitt.

I have been lucky enough to have Dr Gill Millman as my dentist for over the past 10 years.
There is professional and then there is that step above professional. There isn’t an adequate word that describes the blend of technical mastery and human dynamics.
Gill is equally equipped in the area of dentistry and in the area of understanding her patients on a human level.

When you are with Gill, she firstly understands your needs. Then the dentistry begins. Her work is flawless. She is a gifted dentist who mixes skill and artistry.

Gill and her team are always available and willing to help you out at all times.
No request is too big or too small. I highly recommend this practice to anyone who cares about their well-being, both externally and internally.

Suki Laniado Smith. 


I first came across Gill at Cavendish Square when her practice was in the same building as the law firm in which I worked and I had a dental emergency whilst at work.  Frankly, I have never looked back. Gill has changed my view of dentistry – a usually very nervous patient I feel much calmer in her surgery. She has a friendly engaging manner, explains things carefully and is always very kind. Her staff are always very friendly too and are especially helpful in working around my schedule to ensure my appointments are at times convenient to me. Gill is very professional at all times without ever being stuffy or intimidating. I am always happy to recommend her. 

Samantha Hook, Solicitor. 


Gill has been my Dentist for over 25 years now. Along with Javier and Danielle they provide outstanding dental care to me and my family.

Always very professional, yet friendly, their work is meticulous.

Gill is very re-assuring to my needs and I feel very safe in her hands, as do my Daughter and Son.

A credit to the profession, thankyou Gill for putting up with me for so long!!!!

Sarah Doran
August 2018


Having had to undergo significant dental treatment, I felt very safe and at ease in the professional hands of Gilly, Danielle and the team that work at Cavendish Dental Clinic.

Dr Millman has turned the traditional notion of going to the dentist very much on its head – the atmosphere is welcoming, non- threatening; with a smile and good- humour very much present!

The system of booking an appointment is very user friendly and flexible. Every effort is made to accommodate the needs of the patient. I must particularly comment on the thorough nature of every check-up and examination – I leave confident in the fact that my oral health is as it should be.

Mr Cathal Gregory, BA; B.Phil; BD; MA. Deputy Headteacher


As a self confirmed dental phobic with a six year absence I went with trepidation to see Gill knowing I needed treatment. That was 3 years ago and although I'm still a nervous patient I feel confident that I am in good hands . Most dentists and hygenists I have experienced tend to be patronising but Gills calm kind and utterly professional manner reassures me each time I go . Thank you Gill you are simply the best !

Sheila Robinson


I've been going to Gill for the last 10 years or so and have always felt in very safe hands. Gill is not only a brilliant dentist but great at explaining what is happening, what your options are and in making a joint decision together. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Prof Mark d'Inverno


For a personal but professional approach I would not hesitate to recommend Gill and her team. An exceptional service is delivered with a smile and everything is done to ensure the visit is as pleasant as possible. I have known Gill for over thirty years and yet she still strives to improve the service she provides, to enhance patient care and to ensure you are well looked after.

Colin Cook


When I first went to see Gill back in 2004 I was at a real low point. I had just come out of hospital following a major operation only to discover I needed quite a bit of dental work. She was wonderful. Her combination of expertise and empathy has led me to have total confidence in her ever since and my teeth are healthier and look better than they ever have.

Julia Robinson, University Lecturer


Just now, it is 08.11am on the first day of 2012. One thing I can assure you, any New Year will be the happier for the very knowledge of a dentist like Dr Gillian Millman. She is, in and of herself, an act of surety. You often hear people say "They don't make them like they used to". Well in Gill's case I sincerely doubt they rarely ever did. She's the proverbial "one-off": a true gold standard. Owing to some dreadful experience in the past (the result of which I struggle daily) I developed an abscess (to be read; "nightmare") fear of dental treatment. I confess I still hold that fear. I will probably die with it. Still, one person has at least made that fear manageable. This fine lady is all grace with none of the airs. She consoles fear. She deserves your trust. I really do not know how to say better than that.

RBS Wall


You are a brilliant dentist with a rare and special talent for putting nervous patients like me at their ease.



Gill Millman is the best dentist I have ever known. She is always gentle and calm and makes all treatment - even the most complicated - pain free. She is also very good at explaining the problem and how she plans to deal with it. I cannot recommend her too highly.

Patricia Grigg


As an inveterate coward who winces and turns to jelly at the mere sound of a dentist's drill, I consider myself fortunate to have discovered
Gillian, who understands a man's need to avoid pain and never causes the slightest discomfort. I can happily report that even a root canal
treatment was a pleasure. Over the years Gillian has been a brilliant dentist who takes great care of her patients. I always look forward to
routine check-ups, pain-free fillings, and a chuckle in Cavendish Square. Hurrah for Gillian! I couldn't recommend her highly enough.

Justin Marozzi


As a Scot with poor teeth and a fear of dentists I really appreciated Gill's expertise! She is technically superb, up to date and has a light touch. No pain. No angst. She really cares about what is the best course of treatment and the cosmetic results for the patient. Going to this dentist is almost fun and refreshingly hassle free that is why I travel from South Wales to see her. Thanks Gill.

Pat Allan


I have been a patient of Gills for 10 years. Her dental expertise is positive and reassuring. Everything is explained fully with a reassuring smile, timely quip and is completely pain free. She is the ultimate professional and really cares about her dentistry. I would not dream about going elsewhere. I recommend her highly. Good luck with your new practice Gill.

Sue ( Wales)


After several years of itinerant dentists treating me and disappearing
to the Antipodes, I finally discovered Gillian Millman shortly after she
started her practise in 1987. Gill has been looking after my teeth ever since and,
like hairdessers, delis and travel agents, you don't abandon one that works for you! 
Gill is simply the best. I probably boasted some of the worst teeth in the UK, after years
of neglect and dietary maltreatment and I approached dentistry with all the enthusiasm
of a victim heading for an interview with the Inquisition. But I have enjoyed
- and I use the word advisely - 21 years of genuinely pain-free treatment, from a
dentist who understands her patient's concerns and needs and who can make sitting
in that chair, with its overhanging apparatus, a fear-free experience. I doubt if in those 21
years I have ever left the surgery without a beaming smile. Gill put it there.
And I'm no longer afraid to open my mouth!

Phil Reed OBE
Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms


I spent 2007 fighting cancer, I had many painful and probing operations...then I got tooth ache!

I needed a dentist who understood that facing more pain was too much.  I was recommended to see Dr Gill Millman by a friend and she helped me through.

I no longer have any fears about going to the dentist.

Paula Dale


Gill has been my dentist for over 20 years.
Always bright and cheerful. Great treatment and after-care.
Wish you every success with your new surgery.

Nick White


I have been treated Gill for some 25 years now.
I used to use the practice where she was an associate when I used to live in the south of England.
When I moved up North I reluctantly changed my dentist.
Unfortunately I had such a bad experience that I became quite phobic about visiting the dentist. However I returned to Gill and her calm professionalism has helped me to deal with my 'dental dread'.
Such is my confidence in her that I happily travel back to London to be treated by her. She is an excellent practitioner and has has helped me to conquer my fear.
My husband and daughter also use her as their dentist and we are all totally delighted with the treatment we receive. I couldn't recommend her more highly.
She is kind, caring and sensitive and I always come away feeling better for having been treated by her.

Mrs. M Talbott JP, Lincolnshire


Dr Millman has been my dentist for over 20 years and is the only dentist who I trust with my teeth. I have major dental phobias due to bad experiences in the past and she has managed my treatments with care and expertise like no other.

She understands the patients’ fear of treatments and takes great care when undertaking complex procedures, such as root canal work or extractions, and always puts the patient at ease reassuring them throughout. Gill is highly professional and very knowledgeable.
I cannot praise her practise highly enough and can recommend her without hesitation.

Lindsay Batty-Smith PgDip PgCert DCR(R)
Senior Radiographer


I suffered significant dental trauma following a criminal assault. Over the course of more than 18 months of treatment Gillian showed not only great
technical skill as a dentist (she rescued my teeth!) but a level of compassion and understanding which sets her apart from others and which
made the process a painless one both physically and mentally. I cannot recommend her highly enough.



"I first came to Gill when one of my teeth developed an abscess over the Christmas period.
Being Australian,and sceptical of British dental care,I had tried to avoid visiting any dentists in the UK. However,as I could no longer bury my head in the sand I asked my friends for the name of a good dentist. Only one gave me an unequivocal referral, which is how I ended up in Gill's surgery on the first working day after Christmas. Fortunately for me I have a very discerning friend, because Gill has been a Godsend. Thanks to her expertise, timely intervention and referral to a brilliant root canal specialist I still have my tooth. Just as importantly I now have a fantastic dentist who not only cares for me but my entire family, big and small"


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